Evolving Trends and their Impact on Children’s Wear

The kid’s apparel sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India in terms of profits. New fashion trends and shifting consumer preferences have played a huge role in its rapidly accelerating growth rate.

Since Europe and the United States are the two biggest buyers of children’s clothing, they directly influence the global kidswear industry. Along with being influenced by global trends, rise in discretionary income of middle-class families has given the kidswear market in Asia a huge impetus.

It is also interesting to note that over the past several years, the influence of social media and celebrity culture have become integral in bringing high fashion kidswear to the forefront. Clothes seen on children of famous actors, musicians, and politicians spur demands for similar styles in the market.

The introduction of graphic designs in kidswear clothing has significantly aided category expansion. This category is expected to increase further with things like slogans, phrases, emojis, and personalized toddler tees and baby onesies. Players in the market may anticipate seeing growth because of the significant effect of gaming, music, movies, as well as other entertainment patterns on graphic apparel.

Along with that, trends of matching clothes like mama and me, mini-me outfits, etc., are having a beneficial impact on product sales. Vendors provide miniature versions of adult-size gowns for children that resemble the attire worn by parents or famous people. Thus, the link between adult fashion and children’s fashion is very closely linked.

Excessive use of chemicals and toxins in ordinary cotton that cause skin infections such as dermatitis in children, have led to increasing awareness when it comes to purchasing clothes. Owing to this, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for toxin-free and organic cotton. Therefore, manufacturers are now shifting their focus towards products that are not only fashionable but also comfortable and skin-friendly for children.

Due to the rise in digital sales, manufacturers are shifting their focus on developing products that are especially suited for internet sales. They are utilizing popular channels like shopping applications on smart devices to boost sales. One such platform that is transforming the Indian online shopping industry for children’s clothing is Kidcity. Kidcity is a way to ensure that both sides benefit equally while also ensuring a rise in the options available in the kidswear sector by bringing brands and retailers under one roof.

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