Rising Trends in Kids’ Apparel Market of India

Thanks to strong economic growth of the country, the market size of the apparel industry in India has been steadily increasing. Amongst all sectors, the kids’ apparel industry has made considerable leaps in terms of growth in recent years. The Indian kids’ apparel market reached a value of US$ 16.4 Billion in 2020. According to IMARC Group, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% during 2021-2026.

Recent reports have predicted that the kids’ apparel market may surpass both men’s wear and women’s wear in terms of growth in retail value, owing to a combination of demographic, macroeconomic, and social trends supported by sales in the category. It has also been found that due to higher infant population in developing countries like India and China, sales in Asia-Pacific are expected to skyrocket over the forecast period. [Children’s Wear Market- Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and forecast (2022 – 2027)]

As per numerous children’s clothing market research conducted in India, the rise of nuclear families and sources of double income in urban settings has greatly influenced the kids’ apparel market. Owing to this, the consumer base has not only grown considerably but also has started making intelligent purchase decisions based on the quality of products. The increasing popularity of mass media and advertising also plays a key role in the creating such trends.

Kidswear manufacturers have been happily reaping the profits of these expansive demands. However, they must focus on two things to make their venture a success- the first one is definitely affordability. As children outgrow clothes quicker than adults, some parents are less inclined to spend lavishly on such temporary commodities. But previously discussed factors have influenced them to make different choices.

Secondly, kidswear manufacturers must offer a variety of options of kids’ apparel to the consumer. This not only facilitates parents to make better decisions but also appeals to children’s tastes as well. As discussed before, widespread exposure to mass media and ad campaigns have made people prone to sporting a vast number of looks within a short time span. Despite that, some consumers are also looking into eco-conscious kids’ apparel. Consequently, manufacturers are making forays into sustainable and organic fashion.

The best children’s clothing companies are undoubtedly those who fare successfully in the aforementioned categories. Some companies have also branched out to the e-commerce sector which shows huge promise in the light of COVID-19 pandemic.

India’s first ever tech-enabled 360° business solution provider, Kidcity is one such venture that is revolutionizing the kidswear industry. With a roster of acclaimed kidswear brands such as Kidzello, Miniboo, Dew Drops and many others, along with a flourishing network of B2B retailers, as well as the fastest sell to payment model, it is taking the digital business sector by storm.

All predictions point towards a huge success in the kids’ apparel business. It is undoubtedly a great time to tap into its potential.

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