Upcoming Technological Evolution in Kids’ Apparel Industry

With the changing times Kidswear industry has been touching milestones. Gone are the days when children were dressed up in outfits that were similar in colour, style and prints. Kids apparel has evolved drastically with the inclusion of new design elements, range in fabrics, and patterns to grow rapidly as a separate vertical in fashion industry.

The Kidswear segment alone accounts for almost 20% of the total apparel market in India currently, and its estimated value is expected to cross Rs 1.7 trillion by 2028.

Considering how dynamic fashion industry is, the Indian market has seen a stark change in the past few years. Kidswear brands, along with the use of traditional techniques of manufacturing clothes, have incorporated the use of modern technology, which ensures production of Kidswear that is high in functionality.

Producing sustainable and eco-friendly clothes have been high on demand. When it comes to manufacturing clothes for kids, Kidswear manufacturers have been very conscious and contemplative about each and every step while manufacturing clothes.

Few Indian Kidswear brands that are conscious and sustainable, such as The Story Brand, Masilo, Mine, and Nigh Nigh, fixate on the idea of manufacturing clothes that are breathable and ensures maximum comfort to kids.

Ever since the breakout of the pandemic, brands have become sustainability centric by making environment-friendly choices, making them more mindful of fabrics and textile to ensure that no chemicals are used in the process.

The whole focus has been shifted to producing garments which not only help reduce carbon footprint but are also skin-friendly, since parents have also become a lot more conscious and carful of environmental issues and raising their children in a way which is holistic, not just developmentally, but also from the point of view of being conscious and gentle.

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