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Upcoming Technological Evolution in Kids’ Apparel Industry

With the changing times Kidswear industry has been touching milestones. Gone are the days when children were dressed up in outfits that were similar in colour, style and prints. Kids apparel has evolved drastically with the inclusion of new design elements, range in fabrics, and patterns to grow rapidly as a separate vertical in fashion […]

Top 3 Tips to Sell Kid’s Fashion Online

The progress that kidswear industry has shown in nothing short of stellar. Statistics show that over the years, children’s clothes have even surpassed men and women apparel in terms of sales. It is also noteworthy that despite the instability of the global economy in recent times, the kidswear industry has firmly held its ground. The […]

Evolving Trends and their Impact on Children’s Wear

The kid’s apparel sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India in terms of profits. New fashion trends and shifting consumer preferences have played a huge role in its rapidly accelerating growth rate. Since Europe and the United States are the two biggest buyers of children’s clothing, they directly influence the global kidswear […]

Top 3 Challenges the Kidswear Industry in India has Overcome

Like any other industry, kidswear industry in India has had its fair share of challenges. However, it’s a known fact that success can never be achieved without hurdles. It’s a testament to the kidswear industry’s hard work and determination that it has come out stronger than ever! Let’s have a look as the top 3 […]

Can the Kidswear Industry Actually Utilize the Digital Age Better?

Adapting to the current times is one of the first rules of sustaining a business. Even if some things have worked in the past, there is no guarantee that they are going to work going forward. Recent market trends in India suggest that digital platforms have been gaining massive popularity. This recent development was observed […]

Rising Trends in Kids’ Apparel Market of India

Thanks to strong economic growth of the country, the market size of the apparel industry in India has been steadily increasing. Amongst all sectors, the kids’ apparel industry has made considerable leaps in terms of growth in recent years. The Indian kids’ apparel market reached a value of US$ 16.4 Billion in 2020. According to […]

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